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To the female, have become warped buttock is exceedingly strong and handsome, some closer year come, to the male1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The demand is higher and higher also, if the male is had,become warped buttock, exceedingly sexy also, if want to practice becoming warped buttock, be about to grow coxal muscle above all, the big muscle that this also is human body group one of, additionally the size of this and basin bone also has particular concern, congenital reason also has one part factor, undertake couchant those who wait for a respect greatly to take exercise at ordinary times, also conduce to an exercise becoming warped buttock.

 How the schoolboy is experienced become warped buttock

1, crouch greatly

Load next crouching the exercise can exercise a quadriceps already, can exercise gluteus again, but to gluteus, it is more important to crouch greatly to be weighed than crouching. The ham that most person often does and ground parallel 90 degrees next crouching main effect at quadriceps, and the crouchs pair of gluteus greatly stimulation that a few hands achieve ham to stick crus is bigger. Because crouch greatly, use weight inevitable some lighter, but also should achieve every groups 6, the intensity of 10 force exhaust. Crouch greatly unavoidable meeting thing upper part of the body has some of pitch, pitch of the upper part of the body 20, it is 30 degrees normal. Be helpful for gluteus sharing the work morely.

 How the schoolboy is experienced become warped buttock

2, say lift

Like next crouching, use a leg to lift experienced gluteus to also want to increase behavioral scope as far as possible, genu lets draw close to the bosom as far as possible when bend one’s knees namely. But must note a safe limit, cannot let coccyx leave cushion for leaning on to furl ahead namely. This bit is very important, because coil before coccyx,can make lumbar bottom gets hurt. Another increases buttockNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Flesh loads the practice of degree is get on the foot in footplate as far as possible to tall (horizontal) or before (vertical) place put, make the motion since pedal with calcaneal contact only even. Law of this one party applies to Smith likewise crouch below machine (station before leaning) with rely on to crouch.

3, load crouch below forward lunge

Both hands holds dumbbell at body side, step one pace ahead. The ham before coming and ground parallel crouch below the body. The hind leg is stridden ahead since pedal forciblyShanghai noble baby

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One pace. The phase since the pedal of this movement a few hands are finished by gluteus 100 percent, it is so very centralized gluteus practices. Every side is done 15, 20 paces are 1 group. Behavioral point is the upper part of the body keeps just from beginning to end, notLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Pitch or hind admire. The rear foot when forming forward lunge follows want to raise, pace does not want too big.

4, loiter pace

An apparent phenomenon wants to compare a long-distance runner with respect to the gluteus that is dash athlete more develop. Because is stone’s throw,run than Sunday run formerly strength is great, shouldLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Beg have stronger hind pedal movement. Accordingly, if be in,ran joins the speed of high strenth to run to be able to be helpful for the development of gluteus for certain in this motion having oxygen. For instance, 100 meters are joined 10 times to run amain in long-distance running, or 6 times 200 meters run amain, do not stop between group and group, canter however 300 or 400 meters are loosened. Those who require an attention is, run quickly must be after sufficient warm up ability undertakes. Whole exercise can be 2000 meters of warm up canter, 100 meters run amain interval is loosened 300 meters run, canter 10 times with 2000 meters again later end (if you feel this training plan is strongA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Degree too big, can reduce an amount appropriately according to his circumstance) .

 How the schoolboy is experienced become warped buttock

5, fast slip (continuously platoon annulus slips or fast slippery)

The forward sex that compares ran as a result of skating movement is better, the effect to strengthening gluteus is so idealer. Practice a principle or the share of main sprint must include in whole journey. Like ran, can drill the gearshift with alternant speed slips, total time is controlled in 40 minutes, include warm up, gearshift and loosen.