The player that everybody pays close attention to a NX of heaven new leader still remembers a few days ago media exposes to the sun certainly gave the one picture that Zhang Zi calls Ren Tiantang NX handle, whole figure is similar rugger and do not have any physical key-press besides two rocker, and handle front is a whole screen it seems that, whole modelling is dream simply. Everybody is half believing and half doubting to this handle, again more clear NX handle picture was given off to come today.

Above picture is released for Perkele37 netizen by famous forum ID, appearance and before the patent that Ren Tiantang files and before the picture that reveal is identical, the picture that mainer is this looks more true, perhaps say not to look to give any weak point. Is the handle that holds the post of heaven NX the screen that the front does not have physical key-press really? Look this Ren Tiantang mastered black science and technology it seems that, hit two holes to install rocker with Yu An on liquid crystal screen unexpectedly!

From inside the photograph, we still can see the openly bottom of handle has two to start to talk, should be loudhailer; Additionally black dot should be before buy is photographed like the head; Interface of bottom stock earphone; Additional, coping also should have HDMI to output interface.