Will begin newlier of Xbox One and Xbox Accessories App to be pushed formally to each player from March 24, 2016 send.

 Besides the official institute is premonitory new function before eliminate, still increased several newlier this a few brand-new change are nodded, define as follows:

 Firmware of Xbox elite handle is newer, promote rocker accuracy: After elite handle put on sale, a lot of players hope to be able to raise the precision of rocker further, be in especially the accuracy of diagonal direction. For this, microsoft used new computational method in new firmware, make the feedback of rocker more accurate.

 Xbox Accessories App: Win10 edition Xbox Accessories App will add the detail page of the information such as version of indication handle n, firmware.

 The clique of Twitch is right chatting function upgrades: The player is opposite in clique of the open in Twitch App after chatting function, can be in direct seeding while invite others to join a clique to chat to undertaking, although somebody drops a line,be in in direct seeding process, someone else also won’t be affected. In addition, the player that sponsors a clique to be opposite still can is opposite clique internally aleatoric member undertakes Jing Yin is handled. Send pair of members also not merely Xbox One of be confined to, in the clique can be being joined to be opposite like the user that uses Twitch on Win10, come.