SassyBot atelier announces formally now, the theme of homosexual of the first person that developing below the banner is made newly ” his fragment (Fragments Of Him) ” will land PC platform above all on May 3, land Xbox One subsequently. As to PS4 platform will be rolled out later on this year.

Before this is mixed of atelier state be contrary to. Last year in December, sassyBot atelier ever announced ” his fragment ” will land PS4 above all, plan to land Xbox One and PC.

” his fragment ” it is fact of a the real situation feeling love makes fun of greatly, it is the game of a concerned love, memory and hope, gut happens in hero Weir (of Will) after dying, and why can be the life of male friend of his same sex planted accordingly influence? And what player place should do is in order to lose the perspective of the young comrade of male friend, those who explore Weir is dead how to affect him before one’s death 4 the closest people, and there is what kind of memory between them. Reductive male friend before one’s death life extract, illume every article, get memory and clue, accept the reality that loses true love finally, the clue is quite touching.