In a lot of game work, openly part is not the most seductive, it is a few have the negative character with disposition glamour, contradictory and complex individual character very much instead people make players impressive, ” final illusion 7 ” the example that medium Safeiluosi is a model. Of course, in the great reputation ” demon animal world ” in, such part also is absent a few. Have a player special check ” demon animal world ” medium 5 glamour villain in drama, let us look together.

This goods can say to get war criminal of date of above of history of before last tribe, terrorist, the public enemy of the world. The Geluomushen kissing dad that passes through to connect oneself to Delanuo also gives pit, let his dad make the tool of group of him steel iron army-invincible army. Inferior goods begins to had been shown from earth fission mix evilly radical symptom, was to kill Kane first, sa Erchuan is forced later to him, command tribe atttacks grey cereal later, the dark night demon of Ai Sala generation instigates then stone ungual hill decorates warlike; heavy army contend with alliance, a place of strategic importance is pulled rub scamper dead Luo Ning, all drive lookout post is stared at on Wojinpa gives assassin to chase after kill, capture samite cereal demolishs finally of Tai Tan vestigial, turn Aogeruima into hell. Inferior goods says to go up really is the person with the wrong number one on tribal history.

Said little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, be turn for Guerdan immediately. Although red elder brother is more cruel and evil than small growl, but die too early after all, belong to clever instead by clever by accident type. Itself is a talent, but too seek power too, not hesitate to sell an army group old tribe of whole animal person when slave, with the person of force bewitch animal of diabolical blood, the door that combines darkness of open of Mai Di article inbreaks Aizelasi, instigate and human war, city of after this windstorm falls into enemy hands, luo Danlun also within an inch of suffers disaster. In stealthily Gu Erdan breeds umbra 6 years old of animal person children of the left and right sides in parliamentary general tribe are compulsive v/arc be transported to a distant place for penal servitude, the bright; that accepts magician magic arts lets tribe be the same as maneating demon combination, the Sa full doctrine that abandons tribe turns head magician evil can. Nuo material is drawn in the heart of 6 piece it is staking old growl more, tower of call hell fire and A Ke Mengde arrive, bring disaster for whole Delanuo.

Triumphant child it is the character like the mystery absolutely, can compares Yilidan. Triumphant child highbred is familial a branch that is advanced demon originally, be called day-to-day person, and still have the mind of own clansman implement of intense blaze attack, although this is magical implement once was in antediluvian it is to be being broken when battle combustion army group two half, dan Kai child cast him afresh later, but later by Aersasi’s Fu Wenjian the distressed place hew of frost two paragraphs. Later triumphant child outside heading for, region found Magehan the clew of animal person persuades Saerjia to enter tribe for the condition with this, but privately Kaiersasi lives under another’s roof early with respect to not reconciled to, he eventually go and seek refuge with sb Jierjiadan, but also be smashed finally by the player oneself ambition. Sum up nevertheless for in those days triumphant child still have factitive one time very much, unite oneself people solidarity, hand in the mankind to study abstruse number, also be triumphant child just let the hematic demon nowadays have holy knight this profession, as a whole triumphant child it is the person with a very old controversy really.

Be able to bear or endure in old tribe Aozuke calls is the first Sa full, by animal person prostrate of institute of numerous and tribal leader. Look for him when Jierjiadan so when, tribal leader people always follow sb’s advice, be able to bear or endure abstruse ancestor the prophet that is old tribe, positional prep above everything. His biggest injustice is wisdom animal person slaughters De Laini’s people, staking polyvinyl alcohol fibber, although be able to bear or endure abstruse ancestor once had had hesitation to magician magic arts, but he still carried out magician magic arts to establish premise for Guerdan. Stung by conscience to be seized to torment by Jierjiadan later remain the spirit only, the boreal ground that exiles finally became witch bewitching king, continue do evil. Expedite scared Prince of the Devils Maerjianisi Aersasi is on bewitch finally wrong road, diffuse plague makes kingdom of whole Luo Danlun turns into a remains. In 6 data piece in, be able to bear or endure Ao Zuze comes on stage with another gut, he advocates the force banish of empty sky the clansman of disobedient empty empty magic arts, killed the polyvinyl alcohol fibber of B time line, month of will whole picture is clannish turn into the slave of empty sky.

Hei Shi’s clannish animal person great majority is evil, a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of son heart thunder that regards a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes as big chief since the safety that hides in Hei Shishan to try in vain to destroy alliance secretly after be defeated. He combined Hei Long to destroy human village wantonly in bare backbone hill, slaughter pauper, try in vain to browbeat the border land safety of windstorm city. De Lei stays in the huge monster near Hei Shishan after integrated be defeated, maneating demon is captured for Hei Long wantonly other the young dragon of 4 kinds of megalosaurus, have biochemical test, it may be said is old tribe is derived Babylonly. Be destroyed by Yi Cui Ge and Sa Er place finally fortunately.