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A lot of people had had dyspeptic experience, speak of the reason also is many sided of course, because dietary habit is bad to bring about,having a lot of is dyspeptic, especially present a few youths, mental pressure is great, food not the rule or it is food the habit is bad, like to eat food of a few rubbish, make burden of intestines and stomach very easily too big so, cause the condition of occurrence indigestion, if sufferred from indigestion,need seasonable recuperation, and some food are inedible, introduce below.

Indigestion is unfavorable what to eat

1. avoid is absorbed contain protein and calcium to if absorb,cross much food character overmuch, can make defecate is shown alkalescent, dry and the quantity is little, hard eduction, should reduce edible so. If breed kind, lean lean kind, cartilage of yoke of dried skin, chicken, animal, bean products, seaShanghai night net

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Belt, laver.

Wine of 2. avoid smoke and acrimony stimulation food

3. avoid bilges enrage indigestible food to do legume, onion, potato, potato and sweetmeat to answer properShanghai night net

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Control, lest affect gastric carry to change, and aggravating symptom.

4. avoid is hard and fat food is hard and fat food is more unfavorable digest, illness of accentuation of the meeting after feeding, should diet.

Polished glutinous rice of long-term edible polished glutinous rice contains 5. avoid larger dextrin, agglutinant stronger, expansile small, digest not easily. Dyspeptic person long-term edible polished glutinous rice, will accentuate illness.

The Buddhist nun that contains in 6. corn corn overcomes acid to attribute combinative sex kind, cannot be absorbed to use by human body.

Wan of indigestion of 7. sweet potato is abdominal distension full person unfavorable edible. After feeding produce gas easily, happen bilge abdomen, dyspeptic alkyl is abdominal distension full person edible, can make an illness aggravating.

Empty of taste of 8. wax gourd is cold person unfavorable edible. Cold injury of wax gourd sexNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Stomach of in relief caustic, feed more can bring about taste Xu Han more very, digestive function is abate, generation inappetence, abdominal distension, the symptom such as jalf congealed or have loose bowels.

Body weak is reached after 9. bean curd fights old person disease unfavorable edible, the causes indigestion easily pathological change after feeding.

10. columbine carnivorous accumulates the person that the stomach is heated up not to answer edible. After feeding, can accentuate illness.

11. is unfavorable edible crab, special Li, silkworm chrysalis, mussel.

The content above introduced indigestion to should not be what to eatShanghai noble baby communicatesFall in love with the sea

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, of course these food to dyspeptic patient ten million cannot be touched, additionally oneself also want the dietary convention with good nurturance, eat more a few have nutrition good to intestines and stomach, benefit at digestive food, oneself also should learn to maintain more oneself intestines and stomach, if the symptom wants badly to check cure in time to the hospital, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cannot delay.