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The nutrient value of pork liver is very rich, the content of the iron in pork liver is very tall, a lot of parents add pork liver all sorts of complementary in feeding, give darling compensatory nutrition, can be short of iron sex anaemia with preventing darling to appear so, the practice of pork liver is rife, can pink of make it pork liver, OK also mud of make it pork liver, pork liver mud looks be like simpler, and be being made also is very convenient, but of pork liver mud saving a method is the thing that everybody cares quite.

How is pork liver mud saved

Usually, pork liver mud had better be to save 7-8 hour, if exceed 7-8 hour pork liver,can change flavour, especially refrigerant pass, because this pork liver had better not be put into freezer, had better be to give darling to eat fresh.

Darling takes the advantage of pork liver

Pork liver contains a lot ofprotein and vitamin to fill the head is protected again

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pleasant of pork liver flavour, bitter, the gender is lukewarm, put in liver classics ‘s charge, have the filling liver, bright eye, effect that raises blood. Dietetics analyses discovery, protein is contained to exceed 20 grams in pork liver of every 100 grams, and the rich vitamin A that contains in pork liver, have maintain grow normally and reproductive functionary action, can protect an eye, preserve normal vision, prevent an eye dry, fatigue. Additional, rich B still is contained in pork liver a group of things with common features, vitamin of C a group of things with common features, to enhancing immune power, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Compensatory airframe is important complementary enzymatic wait to have main effect. The parent mights as well the child has bit of pork liver, filling head shields an eye again.

How is pork liver mud saved

Pork liver is the most delicious and fresh

Rich protein and iron are contained to pledge in pork liver, can assist cure effectively to be short of iron sex anaemia, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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It is better that tie-in spinach takes filling iron effect. But, although pork liver is good, cooking method also wants special attention. The basis considers to discover, the fresh pork liver with 100 unripe grams contains iron 22.6 milligram, and 100 grams bittern contains iron to have 2 milligram only in good pork liver. Because the constituent structure of pork liver is more special,this is, blood-vessel is very rich and accumulate contain more blood, in the process in bittern ” hematic water ” major prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, bring about iron content to drop considerably. So, boil must be paid attention to when using pork liver filling ironShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Air means, had better avoid the method of bittern, recommend use saute liver needle or boil pork liver soup to wait can ” conserve ” the practice of iron.

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Recommend recipe 1: Sauce explodes pork liver

Pork liver develops hematic bath clean, cut with inclined knifeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Piece, put a few cooking wine, soy, pepper and starch catch divide evenly with the hand, zip last it is good that film puts freezer to refrigerate two hour; burdens to cut stand-by hot oil puts silk of a few ginger in; boiler, pork liver breaks up into hot oil fry become white to the surface, case boiler is stand-by; removes boiler additionally to heat up oil, put ginger garlic to explode sweet, break up into burden fry, put salt, cooking wine, soy to wait flavor; mixes into pork liver even, outfit receiving juice dish.

How is pork liver mud saved

Recommend recipe 2: Congee of pork liver lean lean

pork liver abluent, inspect its size to cut 4-6 piece, immerse 1 hour or so with water, before making its eliminate incomplete blood and toxin; cooking pork liver again abluent, slice, in filling a basket with netting on top next, rinse clean below tap water accuse to work can; pig lean lean is abluent cut chip, sweet Qin or sweet green are mincing reserve; puts abluent rice in arenaceous boiler, add right amount water to boil congee, must make congee rapid boil with flourishing fire first, reoccupy slow fire slowly infusion, make debaucjed of its quality of a material rare of one’s own accord of soft, taste is weak dainty; pours pork liver into agitate divide evenly to become angry to its, transfer into right amount1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Pepper agitate divide evenly, before having pot, transfer into right amount sweet Qin or sweet green.