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Rich prandial fiber is contained to still have iron inside yam, calcium and vitamin, carotene waits nourishing material a moment, and yam is returned can peristalsis of lunge intestines and stomach helps aid digestion, pregnant woman also is eatable, and the symptom that eats yam to still can help pregnant woman solve constipation, but not one-time eat too much yam, because the prandial fiber inside yam is compared,be digested easily, eat much the stomach is afflictive.

 Can pregnant woman eat evaporate yam

Nutrient composition

The moisture content of 60%-80% is contained in yam root tuber, the starch of 10%-30% , 5% right-and-left candy cent and a few protein, grease, cellulose, semi-cellulose, pectic, grey classify, if with 2.5Kg bright red potato folds 0.5Kg commissariat to calculate, its nutrition composition is divided adipose outside, the content such as protein, carbohydrate is higher than rice, flour, and protein composition is more reasonable in yam, indispensible and amino acid content is high, especially the lysine that grain lacks quite in cereal is in yam content is higher. In addition rich vitamin is contained in yam (A of carotene, vitamin, B, C, E) , its form sedimentShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Pink is absorbed very easily also by human body.

 Can pregnant woman eat evaporate yam

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Vitamin A element has what ” protects a small bodyguard ” to say, be transformed by carotene and vitamin A is become. Rich carotene is contained a lot ofin yam, can offer rich vitamin AShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, vitamin A content can be as high as 40mg/10Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Pachyrhizus of 0g Xian Bai, after carotene is absorbed by human body, can A of translate into vitamin. Vitamin A can maintain normal visual function.

2.Edible fiber

White pachyrhizus place contains fiber to be equivalent to 10 times of rice face, its quality of a material is exquisite, do not hurt intestines and stomach, can accelerate enteron peristalsis, conduce to defecate, clear enteron, shorten the toxicant in food is qualitative1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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In the detention time inside alvine path, the human body oneself that decreases to be caused because of constipation is toxic, reduce bowel to carcinogen chroma, prevent haemorrhoid1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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With large intestine cancer. At the same time cellulose can absorb one part dextrose, make sugar volume is contained to decrease in blood, conduce to precaution diabetic.

3.Candy and albumen union other people kind

White pachyrhizus contains rich mucous protein, this is a kind of polysaccharide and protein mixture, have special protective effect to human body, what can retain enteron, respiratory tract, articulatory antrum, film accent is lubricant the flexibility with blood-vessel, the arteriosclerosis that because this kind of material can prevent material,causes in the deposit on arterial tube wall, what can wait for organic connective tissue in order to prevent liver and kidney is atrophic, can the ageing of organ of slow down human body, enhance power of human body immunity. White pachyrhizus still contains candy protein, have fight mutation very well, fall hematic fat and the action that enhance immune power.


White pachyrhizus contains potassium the volume is high, it can reduce brings because of absorbing salinity overly corrupt practice. Potassium or protective cardiac are important element. Because potassium is basic element, value of white pachyrhizus PH is 10.31, it is physiology basic provision, have neutralize humoral effect. Proper edible white pachyrhizus, be helpful for maintaining soda acid balance of blood, develop good part to the health of people, development and intelligence.

 Can pregnant woman eat evaporate yam

5.Fight cancerous material

The physiology active material that there is a kind to call ” deoxygenate to express male ketone ” in white pachyrhizus, can prevent colonic cancer and breast cancer, have very big stimulative effect to the vigor of cerebral cell and endocrine element, reason can defer intellective decline and the strength that increase human body. Contain fiber of more carotene, lysine, plant, go hydrogen expresses male ketone, can prevent alvine cancer and breast cancer.