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In the life, the friend that likes to eat cured meat is very much, if compare understanding to bacon, affirmative meeting knows bacon is need the course is dry this machines working procedure. Be in nevertheless veryLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Much more southern region, lie all the year round the season of overcast and rainy, so people thinks the summertime bacon that make is for certainForum of Shanghai night net

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Be no good, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, arrived northward ability goes. So, for the angle from major, can summer do bacon?

Can summer do bacon

Summer can do bacon, but should notice summer is about to lest,put the meat into freezer broken, remember perhaps lasting with cap on velar bag, freezer peculiar smell will be very otherwise big.

Of bacon save time to grow quite, can save 3 months commonly, if sealed or put freezer, longer. Fumigated the bacon that pass, sealed save a year of above to do not have a problem. The summer when such method that make tries if wanting to develop bacon, souse bacon when must want reasonable, the summer is notForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The optimal opportunity of souse bacon, but the summer when bacon still can be made eat if thinking up bacon, but the summer when climate is too hot, such bacon are very easy and broken, when everybody is being done must icebound good, also want airing.

Can summer do bacon

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What does the summer make the method of bacon have?

One, the temperature that make: The bacon that make and banger should choose the season that controls in 10 Celsius.

2, choose makings:

1, the flesh of pig hip, take a skin, fertilizer is thin be linked together (half fertilizer half thin) .

Can summer do bacon

2, burden: (Consider according to 10KG pork) saline 300g, 200g of Chinese prickly ash, anise 150g, fennel 150g, lilac 30gForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, hill Nai 75g, sweet leaf 30g, afore-mentioned burden fry sweet mill to become farinaceous. 200 grams take a surname broken, 100g of a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, cooking wine 500ML. Burden mixes even.

3, fume makings: Sawdust, fresh Bai Ya, loose branch a certain number of.