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Hotpot is the very important flesh in the life kind feed capable person, its nutrient value is very high, contain a lot ofprotein and mineral element, have more powerful effect to increasing the body strength of people, accordingly, people special all sorts of cate that love to eat hotpot to make. And will make delicate dumpling with hotpot is a right choice, still can join lucerne to make stuffing material, what does the practice that lucerne hotpot dumpling looks below have?

What does the practice of lucerne hotpot dumpling have?

Practice one:

1. lucerne abluent, accuse to do water share.

2. clove chop is sodden, squeeze redundant water portion

3. puts green ginger chop in meat stuffing, add saline soy, bad news oil, meat stuffing of balm mix up, want to the point can be increased inside chromatically old smoke

Oil of 4. blast Chinese prickly ash cool use tone stuffing.

5. is put blend together all.

6. adds salt according to taste, gallinaceous essence, oily mix up of Chinese prickly ash.

7. bag need not be written.

8. leaves eat, the flavour that feels sweet like meat or fish.

What does the practice of lucerne hotpot dumpling have?

Practice 2:

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. Advocate makings: Flour, hotpot, lucerne

Complementary makings: Complementary makings: Vegetable oil, salt, pepper, ripe1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Water of rapeseed oil, knead dough is 200 grams, unripe smoke, water of gallinaceous essence, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, ginger.

2. flour adds the dough that water He Chengguang slips, above wakes 30 minutes on the lid, dumpling skin has interest of pliable but strong delicious the skin also is not defeated when boiling.

Bead of 3. Chinese prickly ash immerses 20 minutes ahead of schedule above most tasty, ginger cuts end.

4. clove goes lever is abluent next boiled water are hot become angry scoop quickly (ten million cannot long very hot, otherwise mouthfeel is bad) .

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Cold water scoops the crowded cent that drop water to cut end.

6. hotpot and ovine tail oily chop become fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit, lucerne has oil quite, oil of tail of the sheep that use a site is best, general hotpot and the scale with ovine oily tail 5: 1, such health one1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Mashed vegetable or fruit of 7. teem meat adds water of Chinese prickly ash, toward the agitate energetically with a ceaseless direction, add pepper, unripe smoke, ginger mixes even.

8. adds lucerne, salt to mix even, add ripe rapeseed oil to mix even.

What does the practice of lucerne hotpot dumpling have?

9. is dormant a little while tasty, such dumpling stuffing had tasted.

10. kneads the dough that has waked more again, rub becomes strip, cent becomes small agent child squash.

11. roll is become among thick, the thin small dumpling skin side the edge.

12. adds chopped meat.

13. includes dumpling form.

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Such dumpling skins defeat the dumpling below the salt of a few not easily, big baked wheaten cake leaves, add a few cold water to be boiled again, when will shine on dumpling expand float can.